#033 Gilded Glam: Naeem Khan Silk and Gold Cocktail Dress

Gilded Glam: Naeem Khan Silk and Gold Cocktail Dress - Launched September 27th, 2022 @ 11am EST
This cap sleeve and peplum cocktail dress is designed with hand appliqued silk ribbons on black tulle with Fuchsia and Gold accents. Gold Lurex threadwork finishes this modern take on Naeem's Indian Heritage.
This collectible piece is from the NKNFT collection as an NFT-backed item with exclusive compatibility in the metaverse. The owner of the NFT will also be able to receive 2 VIP tickets for an NYC Fashion Show as well as a physical dress in a stock size after the auction has ended, with a lead time of 7-8 weeks.
Auction Details:
  • Auction Type: Featured Drop*
  • Starting Price/token: 36,000 AGOV or ~$5,025 USD at the time of launch
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Total Production Available: 1
Other Important Product Details:
  • The owner of the NFT will also be able to receive 2 VIP tickets for an NYC Fashion Show
  • Winner will Select a stock size after the auction has ended
  • Estimated lead time of 7-8 weeks.
Biography: Naeem Khan was born in India and grew up surrounded by the beauty of its culture, architecture, history, and design. These influences helped cultivate his vast knowledge of textiles under the watchful eyes of his grandfather and father, both well-known in India for designing clothing for Indian royalty in their family-owned factory. As a teenager, Khan moved to the United States and apprenticed for Halston, where he absorbed the ethos of modernism, and the secrets of draping and cutting fabric to create clean, elegant, and timeless silhouettes. Today, his focus is to create clothing that embodies beauty, glamour and femininity while purposefully evolving his vision in the world of fashion. Khan’s work typically features exquisite hand-embroidery, done by artisans who have also created sumptuous embroidery for the world’s top fashion houses for decades. The Mumbai-based facility was founded by Khan’s grandfather and is still family-run, with nearly 2000 experts working by hand. For Khan’s designs, this lavish detailing is put onto the finest fabrics from Italy, France, and Spain which are then finished at his atelier in New York City. A member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Khan was heavily influenced by his first job in fashion, where he spent his days working on dresses for icons, like Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli, created by the legendary American designer Halston in the late 1970’s. Today, Khan dresses Red Carpet celebrities and fashion icons such as Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton who exude powerhouse glamour and yet appreciate the distinctly modern allure of his designs. The Naeem Khan RTW and Bridal collections are sold in department stores and fashion boutiques in 22 countries worldwide as well as on