#019 | Cherry Blossom by Leto Lama, 1/1

Cherry Blossom by Leto Lama, 1/1

Cherry Blossom is a one of a kind art work representing spring, joy, happiness and transformation. The piece was created by using thick layers of oil paint, acrylics and rice paper to add a unique sculptural texture to the body of the work.

Not only will you get the physical art that was made from all these different media types you will also get the beautiful 1/1 NFT which represents your ownership of the physical art piece, Cherry Blossom.

Size: 100cm x 100cm Mixed Media on canvas

This art piece will have a Metaverse integration and a certificate of authenticity

Leto Lama is a third-generation female Greek artist & designer based in London, UK that focuses on simplified and figurative abstract art on canvas influenced by both historical and modern art.

She comes from a family with deep artistic history; both mother and grandmother (respectively Eva Persaki and Gianna Persaki a student of Fernand Leger and Andre Lhote) are well-known Greek painters) while her grandfather was the renowned Greek poet Miltos Sachtouris.

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