#029 Jordan 5 Retro Off-White Black

Jordan 5 Retro Off-White Black. This is a voucher NFT that can be exchanged for an NFT connected to Nike Jordan 5 Retro Off-White Black.

  • Size: 9.0

How to use this voucher

  1. A user purchases a MetaZ ‘specific’ exchange ticket (a separate exchange ticket NFT exists for each product) in the Club Rare Marketplace

  2. Drops a physical NFT corresponding to a specific exchange ticket from MetaZ to the user’s wallet with the MetaZ ‘specific’ exchange ticket

  3. After receiving Physical NFT from MetaZ, please get in touch with MetaZ via Discord if you would like to redeem.

Redeem : Please contact MetaZ Discord (https://discord.gg/u6D8uaY4)

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