#021 | Voodoo Ring Collection - Tier 2 - Solid Gold Utility Ring (1 of 5)

Voodoo Ring Collection | TIER 2 | Solid Gold Utility (Ring 1 of 5) - Available Sept. 13th, 2022

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall — who’s the fairest of them all?”

9ct solid Gold custom made, square shaped phygital ring. Our Voodoo ring set boasts with its plain elegant lines and claw setting that enchants you with her 2 ct brilliant cut oval Moissanite. Her mirror finish will captivate even the Evil queen. She is an absolute showstopper. Her main stone is elevated and has a open side view that showcases the stone in its whole beauty.

Inspired by the hugely misunderstood spiritual practice of voodooism dating back thousands of years and uniting many from the African diaspora. It believes in two interwoven worlds—the visible and the invisible.

Our Voodoo ring represents the interwoven worlds of the Metaverse and Physical & our journey from the traditional physical world into the Metaverse. By owning this first edition, you have the key to opening all future doors to our unique crypto specific designs in both the physical world and the Metaverse.

  • 9ct solid gold main ring weighing +-10.7g

  • Sterling Silver inlay with 9ct Gold Degen Jewellers x ClubRare Logo's

  • 2ct brilliant cut oval Moissanite

  • Manufactured to your finger size

  • Tapered at the bottom to ensure a comfortable fit

  • Unique authenticity stamp for each ring

About our Moissanite’s: We hand pick our Mossanite’s from the best suppliers across the world. Our Moissanite’s are AAA Grade GRA Certified – The Global Gemological Research Association Institute (GRA) is the standard of excellence in gemstones services worldwide.

Auction Details:

  • Auction Type: Everday Drop*

  • Price/token: 305,000 AGOV (each)

  • Network: Klaytn

  • Total Production Available: 5

  • Frame Attributes: 5 individually unique frames

*Read more details on different drop (auction/sale) types

Other Important Product Details:

  • ETA for Manufacturing - 4 Weeks

  • Before we start manufacturing the physical item, we will need your finger size. We will assist you with this process.

Claim your Phygital NFT today - visit the Voodoo Ring Collection on ClubRare.xyz

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